Once a thriving Puerto Rican city, Arecibo is now desolate – May 2018

Chinatown residents begin hunger strike to fight for their homes – Pavement Pieces, Feb. 2018

2017 is the deadliest year on record for transgender people– Pavement Pieces, Dec. 2017

"We now have oat milk!": A new trend takes over New York – March 2018

News on social media? Facebook users say, "It's complicated" – Feb. 2018

Missed Connections (Narrative) – May 2018


The Overstory (Independent Producer, Sierra Club) - I’m producing a feature forthcoming late fall 2018.

Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai (Producer, Pineapple Street Media)

You Can’t Make This Up - Netflix (Producer, Pineapple Street Media)

Access & Opportunity with Carla Harris - Season 2 (Producer, Pineapple Street Media)

Tape Syncs

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