Belt Publishing

Pullman, Chicago and Beyond” – Chicago Neighborhood Guidebook, Forthcoming Fall 2019

Where 0 is State Street”– Rust Belt Chicago: An Anthology, 2017



Major League Baseball Has More Work To Do: Domestic Violence Charges – 2016

Here Too: Domestic Violence Is A Community Concern – 2014

Claiming ‘Domestic Violence Programs Don’t Work’ Doesn’t Work – 2014

Belt Magazine

Pullman and Ideal Communities in Chicago, the Rust Belt, and Beyond – 2017

Elyria, A Place I Have Not Been – 2014

Vol 1. Brooklyn

“Where 0 is State Street,” from Rust Belt Chicago: An Anthology – 2017 The New Territory Magazine

Broad Horizon, Intense Light – Issue 06, 2018

Bird’s Thumb

Beauty and Autonomy on the Bike – 2015

Chicago Literati

Kansas Quilt and the Old Kissing Point, Lindsborg – 2014

The Feminist Wire

Feminist Critique: A Legacy of Transformation – 2014

Health Content*

I was a contract contributor to between 2014 and 2018.

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What is stealthing and why is it wrong? - Bedsider, 2017

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Can menstrual products mess with your birth control? - Bedsider, 2014 (Reprinted by Ms. Magazine)

That Little T: A step-by-step guide to getting an IUD - Bedsider, 2014

*Other work for Bedsider not listed here was published without a byline.